unity游戏音频可视化系统源码Audio Visualizer

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unity游戏音频可视化系统源码Audio Visualizer   Unity源码/模板   游戏源码   到了   unity游戏音频可视化系统源码Audio Visualizer 1.2,可以让你轻松地添加音频可视化效果到你的游戏或应用,自定义各种波形,超酷到了极点Requires Unity 5.0.0 or     &n
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unity游戏音频可视化系统源码Audio Visualizer 1.2,可以让你轻松地添加音频可视化效果到你的游戏或应用,自定义各种波形,超酷到了极点Requires Unity 5.0.0 or        higher.Create Visual Effects: - Line Renderer waveforms. - Pad waveforms. - Circular waveforms. - Spherical waveforms. - ob ject position waveforms. - ob ject scale waveforms. - Your own custom audio effects. Audio Beat Detection: - Automatically detect beats. - or        fine tune detection parameters by hand. - Detect beats in Bass, Middle, or        High ranges. Use the beat to: - Call any custom event of your own! - Move ob jects back and forth. - Scale/shrink ob jects. - Fade between two materials. - Fade between two colors. - Show audio waveforms. - Use Unity’s new UI system to display waveforms on panels. Features: - Use multiple audio sources at once. - Completely Customizable. - Easy to use. - Mobile Friendly - Well documented. - Tutorials provided. - 8 example scenes. - Online support. - 5 Free original soundtracks.